Saturday, December 14, 2013

Doctor Who and Homestuck

You know, I've been getting pretty good at cosplays in the last few months. I mean, I dress as Valkyrie Cain every single day, wearing all black and the long coat and boots and stuff, but I've actually made a few proper cosplays and I feel the need to show them off.

So, first off, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

I went to the 3D movie theatre showing on the 23rd with a couple of my friends, and we thought, "Well, we've got to dress up." I'd been planning to make this for a while, but the 50th was a good reason to get it done.

My options for characters who looked similar to something I could do were limited, so I chose Clara, because, hey, Clara's cool and short and has dark hair and stuff like me. So I was her.

But I wasn't modern Clara. I wasn't even Oswin Oswald. I was Victorian Barmaid Clara, and wore a dress made completely by hand, thanks to my glorious mom.

Just to compare mine to hers, I think the dress looked pretty great.

At the theatre showing, this super awesome Idris took a picture with me and I continued to see her all day, even at the Doctor Who museum exhibit I went to.

And, speaking of which, I found a lovely Dalek poster to pose next to.

And I actually managed to get in the TARDIS before being killed by the ice lady.

Also, Amy and the TARDIS didn't really like me.

I also got in a costume contest and was in the category of Best Overall Costume, which was pretty exciting.

The Doctor Who thing was great.

Also, more recently, I've become a fan of Homestuck, and my friend told me she was having a meet up around a month ago, so I decided, "Hey, I should go to that." 

And I did. I was Vriska.

I liked scaring John. There were multiple Johns there, and I'm fairly certain I scared all of them. All of the Johns. All of them.

Also, we had Faygo.

We also enjoyed hanging out in the food court and scaring people...

I think there was somewhere near 17 or so of us in total, but I don't think we got any pictures with all of us. However, we did get Santa photos. And Santa wanted to be our friend.

Overall, I think I like cosplaying. It's pretty great, even if this post isn't.