Monday, October 28, 2013

Skulduggery Pleasant Party 2013

So, what have I done that is blog post-worthy? Is it something normal? Negative. Something awesome? As always. Something you probably could've guessed from the post title? Indeed it is.

(For those of you who concern me in the sense that you haven't figured it out already, it was the Skulduggery Party. That was the answer. I made that one obvious.)

This was the third annual party for Derek's birthday and Skulduggery's deathday, and I think it's fair to say this year bumped the standards up a bit.

There were twenty people. I didn't even know I KNEW that many people. Have you ever had a party with twenty Skulduggery Pleasant fans dressed as characters? Because it's interesting.

Okay. Time for the inevitable wave of photos.
Here we've got the whole group of us, all making somewhat normal faces...

...And all of us in character. Somewhat.
In the back is Tanith in TMS, China Sorrows, Eliza Scorn, Melancholia St Clair, Sabine, Madame Mist, alternate dimension Eliza Scorn, Caelan, Darquesse, Solomon Wreath, Argeddion, the Reflection, and Clarabelle. In the front is Kyra (OC), Skulduggery, Tanith, Serpine, Kitana, and Lady Scapegrace. Derp faces were inevitable.

Here, have some normal party weird stuff.

Some casual conversation between (not) normal book characters

Argeddion trying to convert some people into agreeing with the Summer of Light as a good thing. They aren't really buying it.

Madame Mist is probably trying to plot against the rest of us

Tanith is pretty sure there was a Remnant in that cup and that's how she actually got possessed

I unfortunately couldn't get an individual picture of everyone, but I got the majority.

Eliza Scorn may or may not have acquired a cell phone for the sake of bringing people into the Church of the Faceless. Also, she likes to play games on it.

Madame Mist in her creepy spidery spider stuff... (And this was Fabi, from the Blog!)

Argeddion is trying to turn the mortals into sorcerers with the Summer of Light.

My evil reflection with the Sceptre of the Ancients and her eye gouged out from the other dimension (who is still plotting to kill me).

Skulduggery Pleasant, gun in hand and facade on.

Sabine looked exactly like Sabine on the TMS poster and I'm still trying to understand how this was possible.

Clarabelle probably just drew a smiley face on the Engineer.

China Sorrows, the classiest and most sane person of the whole thing.

The only OC of the whole thing, Kyra.

Darquesse/Val, as a Bride of the Blood Tears
(That's me. Because I'm Val. As always).

Eliza Scorn and Melancholia are sticking to character pretty well. Eliza's plotting against China but doesn't look like it, and Melancholia hates everyone.

Solomon Wreath really just likes to creep on people and get hugs. Wreath just wants to be loved.

Darquesse and Eliza, the insanity duo.

Now for the most exciting part, which was Derek Skyping us! I introduced everyone, then we all formed a line to talk to him individually. When we finished, most of us just kind of gathered around the computer and talked to Derek for about an hour. Lots of incredibly odd things were said, awkward signed selfies from Derek were requested, Derek's house was toured, High School Musical songs were sung, and an undoubtedly necessary fictional cult was formed.

We were all a bit crammed around the computer...

Really crammed.
Derek showed us his AWESOME Captain America shield, which was IN THE ACTUAL MOVIE.
And we were trying to explain to Derek all the little picture of his face that we had. And people kept eating them. (We made it rain Dereks)

So, that was the party! It was more exciting than I'm making it sound. The odd one-liners that came out of those five hours or so are things that should not exist but do. It was fun.

And I think I made it pretty obvious - we're all insane.


I told you I'd give you  a list of the cult names, did I not? 

Darquesse - Val V.
Crazy Eliza - Amanda
Solomon Wreath - Ariana
Tanith #1 - Jaida
Tanith #2  - Kyra
Clarabelle - Carissa
Argeddion - Kienan
Skulduggery - Tabitha
Kyra (OC) - Raven
Kitana - Lizzy
Caelan - Signy
Serpine - Emily
China - Taylor
Sabine - Isabella 
Stephanie - Lauren
Melancholia - Zoe
Normal Eliza - Miranda
Scapegrace - Maddy
Madame Mist - Fabi

Also, 20 awkward selfies. They're necessary. And I'm pretty sure at least half of us have "0012345666" in our contacts now.

You really need to get yourself to Seattle, Derek.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Drawings and stuff


Anyway, things are better than they were since I posted last.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I was in LSODM? That was pretty great. I thought it was hilarious, even if the last part of my bit made me cringe with embarrassment. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe when I read that. So thanks for that, Derek, if you ever see this (which I highly doubt, and I don't know if I'd actually want you to see this Blog. If you're here, go write a book or something).

So, what have I been up to lately? I've been up to lots of stuff. Not really, actually. Well, I got braces, which kind of sucks. And I began using Tumblr excessively. Started high school - homecoming is tomorrow night. Been making costumes, or at least trying to. Having the Skulduggery party next Saturday and Derek's going to Skype. And I've been spazzing over Halloween, because Halloween is the BEST.

And drawing! I've been doing a lot of drawing! Granted, I'm actually a bit rubbish at drawing, but I've been drawing stuff, and I figured I'd just post some pictures here. Also, I've made some other stuff, which I'll just sort of inconspicuously slip into this post. 'Cause, y'know, why not? Some of this crud is from months ago now, but here it is.

Here we have a product of the unhealthy combination of High School Musical and Skulduggery Pleasant:

Something I drew in Biology, which made the teacher give me a concerned look and promptly leave:

Pictures of a certain group of people that I intended to hang on my wall but have yet to do:

My reaction to Last Stand of Dead Men (I also cried for three days):

An accurate depiction of me 24/7:

A fancy God-Killer that really shouldn't be in my possession:

I've also been writing again, which is always good. Nearly five chapters done of a story that only two of you - Sparky and Moose - have read even part of. Yep. It's pretty fantastic. And I'm not posting it yet, so sorry other people. But I wrote something and that's cool.

In conclusion to my second post today, here is a drawing - actually, my only drawing - of Anomaly, which looks a lot better when you can see the details clearly in person.

Derek's House


It's been over six months since I met Derek, and you know what I haven't done yet? I haven't given you people any pictures. I haven't even given you any pictures of Ireland or London or anything, even though I told you I would. So you know what? I'm going to just post them now, and pretend they've been here a while and they've just magically been invisible up until now. I just got rid of the cloaking sphere on this post that has most definitely been here since April.

So, did I mention that I went to Derek's house? I went to Derek's house. It was exciting. I kept talking and Amanda kept talking and Derek kept giving us weird looks.

First, I give you a collection of photos that Amanda took (while Derek called her a stalker each time):

We both screamed when Derek's car showed up outside the hotel for us:

Amanda: Can I take a picture of your kitchen?
Derek: Wait, hold on, what are you-
Amanda: *camera clicks*

This is sitting on the table when you walk in the door:

And there was a foot... in the hallway...

And Derek's Awesome Room of Awesomeness, which is filled with awesome stuff.

(And he's holding the knife they used in 'Jaws', which I also got to hold)

 We all decided that this dude and anyone else who wears neon yellow are vampires:

Derek and Amanda, the ginger buddies, while we went to lunch:

Derek, with the "Are you seriously taking another picture" face.

Me and Amanda fangirling in Derek's car while he questions our sanity:

And Derek driving the car:

And Derek signing random sheets of paper on his car...

(Derek's car tried to kill me, I swear. I kept tripping while trying to get in/out. And I smacked my head into it.)

And now to pictures that my lovely mumzy (or people that she asked) took of us:

This is one of all of us at lunch, which was freakin' awesome:

Us at the signing, and Derek wearing a baby head necklace provided by Amanda and there's some stuff from me on the table:

Possibly one of my favourite pictures, and we were in Derek's house and we all posed with Skulduggery and it great okay

I told everyone to make a weird face at the last second outside Derek's house, but Derek saw me and Amanda and started laughing so he looks normal and we don't.

This was right when I met Derek - he just came up and gave me a hug and it was really awesome and I was shaky and blamed it on him for making me excited and it was just fantastic.

Right before Derek left and my mum called for a group photo (wow look at me and Amanda with our majestic paleness):

And this was in Skerries, right next to Shenanigans, which was right next to the place Derek took us for lunch...

...and said lunch place was super good.

Also, as I mentioned, Shenanigans was nearby. I kept an eye out for any cops. Also, Derek pointed at the railing by the water and said, "Look! That's where you get attacked by a cop and thrown in the ocean!"

Alright, that's a lot of photos, which are in no particular order. To finish, I give you this picture of me in Amanda in London...