Monday, May 6, 2013

I hate people

Well, guys, I won't be on the Internet for two weeks because SOME people only do what they think and don't listen to other opinions. Like, for instance, my school does, and people who I thought would listen to me like they should, but they didn't. So I'm having my phone and computer taken away for two weeks.

Just know that if I get attacked I have no way of reporting it or that if I'm in a life threatening situation I'll probably die because I won't be able to get help.

So yeah. Bye.


  1. The internet will have to deal with 2 weeks with about 1000 times less insanity.

  2. And my family will have to deal with me breaking a lot of stuff.

  3. Wow. That's really bad Val. What on Earth did you do to deserve that?

  4. Throw books at them, Val. As many books as you can.