Monday, February 11, 2013

Mist, Ivy, and a banana.

Today in English my teacher assigned us to do homework on punctuation. In particular, we're doing quotation marks. So, aside from the boring copying of sentences and adding the marks, we had to write about 15 lines of conversation on anything we wanted, preferably with a conflict. And this is what I came up with.

     Ivy walked in the door and frowned at Mist. "What did you do?"
     After a shifty glance around the room, he answered, "Nothing."
     "No, you look far too suspicious," Ivy commented, narrowing her eyes. "Tell me: who did you kill?"
     "What about the banana?"
     He hesitated. "Maybe."
    "YOU KILLED THE BANANA?" Ivy shrieked in horror. "WHY?"
     "I'm sorry," Mist said quietly. "I didn't know you two were so close."
     "You didn't...? Liar! You knew perfectly well!" Ivy shouted, seething. "You knew it was all I had left!"
     "I said I was sorry!" Mist shouted back. "I'll buy you a knew one!"
     Ivy looked at him. "Nothing can repair the bond between that banana and I. You can't just replace it."
     "Fine then!" he said, exasperated. "You can leave!"
     "This isn't even your house! It's a grocery store!"
     Ivy walked over to the door. "You sicken me," she said, and left.
     The instant she was outside, however, she doubled over with laughter and could tell that Mist had done the same.


So, yeah, I'll actually be turning that in tomorrow. For real. I wonder how my teacher will respond, though. Weird.