Friday, February 1, 2013

Gilbert, the Terrifying Bus Stop Stalker

Most of you - actually, scratch that, I  have no idea how many of you are aware of this. I will inform and re-inform you now.

Basically, I moved a few weeks ago. And naturally, that means I have a new bus stop for my school. It's a fairly small group of us - me, Max, and two other kids. But, oddly enough, the first day I came to the stop, Max started telling me that some guy dressed in all black and a trench coat had just walked past before I got there (I barely caught the bus that day).

And so almost everyday that I've ridden the bus since then, this creepy guy has been showing up. Except he doesn't wear a trench coat. He wears a cape. A full-on, floor-length black cape. And I swear, it is terrifying.

Yes, I know. It sounds like I'm joking. Yeah, I sound like I'm over reacting. But here's some more facts.

First off, he only comes when I do. Max told me that until that first day, he had never seen this guy in his life. He only comes when I do. And everyday I have a different method of transportation, he isn't there.

Creepy, right?

Well, I told my family about this guy, by casually starting a conversation on if the neighbours were weird. My step-dad said no, so when I brought up the cape guy, they didn't exactly take it seriously and instead brought up facts why people would be creeped out because of me.


So after me getting frustrated with everyone and going into my usual sulk - crossed arms and glaring - my mum said she'd look for this guy the next morning. So she did.

And she was freaked out.

That was right when everything was really foggy here in Washington. The fog was so thick you could only see a little distance away, so when this guy in a cape came walking through it (it looks more like gliding, really) she was definitely believing me.

And then in between there were a few days he showed up on time to stand across the street from the bus stop and not move.

Also, a few days ago, I decided he needed a name. Creepy Cape Stalker Guy is just too much of a mouthful.

His name is Gilbert.

But then today, I saw him walking down the street corner by my house, and I thought, "You know what? I'm taking a picture of Gilbert, that way people believe me."

And I did.

But while he might not seem quite so scary in the picture, he is TERRIFYING in real life.


  1. Despite how creepy that must be for you, I found this whole thing hilarious.

    1. Next time I'll take video, you poophead.

    2. I'm going to have to agree with you there...

  2. Oh my gosh, Val. I totally see what you mean. He's creepy!!! AND I CAN SEE HIS CAPE!!!

    Although, capes are cool, WHY IS A GROWN MAN WEARING A CAPE UNLESS HE'S ASDFGHJKL!!!! What if magic is real and he's after you for something?!?!

    Then you'd really be like Valkyrie... :O

    No really. I'm trying to be serious, but that's just a seriously cool thought.

    And Skulduggery would be there to rescue you and you two would team up and save the day!!!

    I'm sorry. This is not a time to be imagining things. That's scary that a creepy guy in a cape is stalking you. Runnnn!!! *clears throat*
    Yeah... Not helping. Sorry.

  3. I'm sorry, but from my point of view he just seems like Darth Vader to me

    1. Darth Vader?
      *looks at the pic again*
      Hahaha. No way! You're right, it does!

      Val! You got Darth Vader stalking you! XD

  4. One day he's going to show up, saying, "DARQUESSE I AM YOUR FATHER.". And then we will have a spoiler for the series!

  5. Not that I don't second what Zathract said but that guy... oh God.

  6. That looks like a blob. I can't even tell if it's a person.


  7. He looks like the Emperor *-*

    Like the old saggy guy from Stars *-*

    You shout Hi at him. Be like 'Yo Gilbert why you a stalker?'

    Run like hell, then. *nods*