Monday, February 4, 2013

An Actual Update Thing

Weird. I'm actually giving you some sort of update. And it DOESN'T have to do with Skulduggery. Well, not majorly.

ANYWAY, I know most of you know I moved.

(No, duh, Val, you said it in the last two posts somewhere.)


That's besides the point. I don't think I've shown you what my new room looks like. It's not a bright purple, yay! INDIGO IS COOLER!

Also, I have my Skulduggery poster up (it's kind of obvious) and then the Derek-lizard is on my bed, and most of my Skulduggery books are on that shelf (not all of them), and I had some roses from my concert last Tuesday.

Oh, and that's the window I can see my bus stop from. WHICH MEANS GILBERT CAN SEE INSIDE OH MY GOSH.

But yeah, that's the point of this. New room. Unfortunately, I didn't get to keep the 'Skulduggery' letters on my wall, and I still need to put up all my papers from Derek, and I haven't got room to hang my paintings or Coraline poster, but oh well. But I DO have my TARDIS closet door. You just can't see it. It's along the wall that you can see the corner of on the left.

I might just put up those 40 or so pages I printed as the excerpt from Death Bringer again, to see how my mum reacts... She hated it at the old house.


  1. Wow! Thats awesome!
    I love the blue on ur walls :D *wishes she had that color*

    And your bedspread is so pretty! and your bookshelf.. GAH! I am offically jealous :P

    You have one very awesome room :D

    *wants to steal the SP poster*

  2. Replies
    1. I second this. (my other comment is rather pointless but I didn't want to ruin the nice gradual decline of the comment sizes. Just so ya know)
      Your room is very pretty.

  3. Wow, nice, that's a beautifully epic room. I especially love the bedspread. :3

    And, well, of course the SP stuff... and the TARDIS door... and, you know, Coraline... Although I'd personally probably have a poster of Legend of Zelda or something :P

    Anyway, nice!

  4. Where are your mad-surgery projects?

  5. caelin also said he thought that the bedspread was nice, but it would be much prettier to see you lying on it *_~

    1. I think you mean Caelan.

      Also, that's really creepy. Tell Caelan I say hi. And tell him that Fletcher has an ax.

  6. Tell Val wants him for eternity~

    And you have such a big bed O'O

    And you're room's so tired -.-