Sunday, February 17, 2013


Me and my friends obviously have quite a bit of time on our hands, so we made this.

If you look closely, you can tell that it's, y'know different colours.

(By the way, it looked like it was going to  explode in the oven. Um... I don't know either.)

So, since it looked really ugly, we decided to drown it in sprinkles and frosting and chocolate chips and hope it would look better on the inside.


Oh, and by the way, I shouldn't be allowed to touch my friends stuff.

Bad things happen.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mist, Ivy, and a banana.

Today in English my teacher assigned us to do homework on punctuation. In particular, we're doing quotation marks. So, aside from the boring copying of sentences and adding the marks, we had to write about 15 lines of conversation on anything we wanted, preferably with a conflict. And this is what I came up with.

     Ivy walked in the door and frowned at Mist. "What did you do?"
     After a shifty glance around the room, he answered, "Nothing."
     "No, you look far too suspicious," Ivy commented, narrowing her eyes. "Tell me: who did you kill?"
     "What about the banana?"
     He hesitated. "Maybe."
    "YOU KILLED THE BANANA?" Ivy shrieked in horror. "WHY?"
     "I'm sorry," Mist said quietly. "I didn't know you two were so close."
     "You didn't...? Liar! You knew perfectly well!" Ivy shouted, seething. "You knew it was all I had left!"
     "I said I was sorry!" Mist shouted back. "I'll buy you a knew one!"
     Ivy looked at him. "Nothing can repair the bond between that banana and I. You can't just replace it."
     "Fine then!" he said, exasperated. "You can leave!"
     "This isn't even your house! It's a grocery store!"
     Ivy walked over to the door. "You sicken me," she said, and left.
     The instant she was outside, however, she doubled over with laughter and could tell that Mist had done the same.


So, yeah, I'll actually be turning that in tomorrow. For real. I wonder how my teacher will respond, though. Weird.

Monday, February 4, 2013

An Actual Update Thing

Weird. I'm actually giving you some sort of update. And it DOESN'T have to do with Skulduggery. Well, not majorly.

ANYWAY, I know most of you know I moved.

(No, duh, Val, you said it in the last two posts somewhere.)


That's besides the point. I don't think I've shown you what my new room looks like. It's not a bright purple, yay! INDIGO IS COOLER!

Also, I have my Skulduggery poster up (it's kind of obvious) and then the Derek-lizard is on my bed, and most of my Skulduggery books are on that shelf (not all of them), and I had some roses from my concert last Tuesday.

Oh, and that's the window I can see my bus stop from. WHICH MEANS GILBERT CAN SEE INSIDE OH MY GOSH.

But yeah, that's the point of this. New room. Unfortunately, I didn't get to keep the 'Skulduggery' letters on my wall, and I still need to put up all my papers from Derek, and I haven't got room to hang my paintings or Coraline poster, but oh well. But I DO have my TARDIS closet door. You just can't see it. It's along the wall that you can see the corner of on the left.

I might just put up those 40 or so pages I printed as the excerpt from Death Bringer again, to see how my mum reacts... She hated it at the old house.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Gilbert Prank


Basically, I have a ton of people over right now. It's Bob's sister Kim's birthday party, so there's a bit more than twenty people. And I've had to give a tour of my room many times.

Of course, when I get to the windows, I start talking about Gilbert.

And about 16 of the 20 or so people have heard of him.

All the women are terrified, and then all the guys are making jokes, but they were all creeped out nonetheless.

But I wasn't going to stand for the joking.

I had to get back at them.

I have a cape. I do. It goes with my dad's Darth Vader costume. It's black, has a giant hood, and it's floor length.

So with the help of my sister and my step-cousin (I think that's what she is) I snuck through the house to the back door, holding my cape, and got outside.

I crept around to the front, careful not to be seen, then put on my cape, pulling the hood down over my face, and, being sure to be quiet, stepped out of covering.

Now, my door is mostly a window. And it leads to the dining room, where everyone was sitting.

So I walked up the stairs, very slowly, and stood there.

A few people gave a little scream, then when everyone was looking around, I taped the glass four times with my nail.

Oh my God, it was hilarious.

Everyone was shouting, "IT'S HIM!"

So then I came in and explained that they all got their lesson for joking about it.

Not to mention I also scared the irritating six or seven year old who tried to attack me and I threatened him with scissors and 'the monster in the closet'. Year, I told him I was scary.

Needless to say, it was pretty freaking brilliant. And while it isn't as creepy inside, it was bloody terrifying outside.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gilbert, the Terrifying Bus Stop Stalker

Most of you - actually, scratch that, I  have no idea how many of you are aware of this. I will inform and re-inform you now.

Basically, I moved a few weeks ago. And naturally, that means I have a new bus stop for my school. It's a fairly small group of us - me, Max, and two other kids. But, oddly enough, the first day I came to the stop, Max started telling me that some guy dressed in all black and a trench coat had just walked past before I got there (I barely caught the bus that day).

And so almost everyday that I've ridden the bus since then, this creepy guy has been showing up. Except he doesn't wear a trench coat. He wears a cape. A full-on, floor-length black cape. And I swear, it is terrifying.

Yes, I know. It sounds like I'm joking. Yeah, I sound like I'm over reacting. But here's some more facts.

First off, he only comes when I do. Max told me that until that first day, he had never seen this guy in his life. He only comes when I do. And everyday I have a different method of transportation, he isn't there.

Creepy, right?

Well, I told my family about this guy, by casually starting a conversation on if the neighbours were weird. My step-dad said no, so when I brought up the cape guy, they didn't exactly take it seriously and instead brought up facts why people would be creeped out because of me.


So after me getting frustrated with everyone and going into my usual sulk - crossed arms and glaring - my mum said she'd look for this guy the next morning. So she did.

And she was freaked out.

That was right when everything was really foggy here in Washington. The fog was so thick you could only see a little distance away, so when this guy in a cape came walking through it (it looks more like gliding, really) she was definitely believing me.

And then in between there were a few days he showed up on time to stand across the street from the bus stop and not move.

Also, a few days ago, I decided he needed a name. Creepy Cape Stalker Guy is just too much of a mouthful.

His name is Gilbert.

But then today, I saw him walking down the street corner by my house, and I thought, "You know what? I'm taking a picture of Gilbert, that way people believe me."

And I did.

But while he might not seem quite so scary in the picture, he is TERRIFYING in real life.