Sunday, October 28, 2012

...And then Valkyrie V. was wearing a dress

So, today I went to my first actual Halloween party. It was fun. There was a costume contest, and people, and food, and a skeleton...
Oh, and there was me, wearing a dress. 

BUT there was a reason behind the dress. I was Valkyrie, at the Requiem Ball. Because, see, I would be normal Valkyrie, but where's the fun in that? I wear all black and a long coat and boots everyday. That wouldn't have been fun. So, I wore a dress.
At the party, there was me, a rainbow fox, an anime character, a mime, Alice in Wonderland, Luigi *cough Caelan cough*, China Pleasant (mwahaha),  and a few other things.
My sisters weren't there, but they got in the picture.
And here's me by myself, and I ask that you ignore the weird face I made.
 You know, come to think of it, we didn't really do much at the party except hang around. Oh, and we had a costume contest. I won third place. But anyway, here's some stuff from the party itself.

Skulduggery was there, so I figured I needed to take a picture with him.
Oh, and his arm kept falling off, so I took it.

China dancing with Skulduggery like in Death Bringer.
*cough CHINA PLEASANT cough*

Oh, and someone gave Skul too much to drink. He just keeps getting drunk.


  1. I love your dress!!!! And the drunk Skulduggery is just funny!! Haha:)

  2. LOL!!!

    but how would SP get drunk when he has no stomack for the drink to go into and no brain ot stomach to upset?

    But a drunk SP would be halariouse!!!

  3. Lovely dress!

    China Pleasant INDEED. ;P


    Where are all the scary costumes? Ghosts, vampires, zombies? I mean, mimes are terrifying, know?

    But it sounds like a ton of fun, that party.....unlike AUSTRALIA, who doesn't HAVE Halloween at ALL. They're selling Halloween stuff, and special pumpkins, but there's no celebration. My life isn't allowed to be spooky for a day. It. SUCKS.


  4. I think Skulduggery came drunk. WHERE'RE HIS CLOTHES??

  5. Ivy Animosity, IF WE HAVE TRULY BEEN AQUAINTED SINCE KINDERGARTEN, THAN YOU WILL SHARE MY BLOG!?!?!??? but yeah you should, its www. :)

    1. btw i commented on a random post..... YOU'RE WELCOME FOR MY WONDERFUL PRESENCE!!!!!