Friday, September 28, 2012

Pictures, lovely pictures

See the title? That's what this post is.

Although, not all the pictures are lovely... Take a look at my sister's creepy hybrid Skulduggery drawing.

My crazy 10-year-old sister, "Tanith", decided that she was going to draw Skulduggery. And the Torment. And Scapegrace. And pretty much every other character. And that is the result of it.

And who's this in the corner? Well then, it's Zathract Mist. Because when my sister was drawing this I - and my sister - was on gmail chat thing with Mist. And so he got stuck in that picture.
(Really, I wasn't lying when I said she was crazy. It must run in the family.)

And now to the REALLY awesome stuff.
You all know how I won that thing last year, right? Where Derek sent me signed books? Well, the last three came today.
When the package was on my doorstep, it looked something like this.
 Being me, I started freaking out for three reasons. 1.) I had been expecting a package from Derek and there was one on the door step. 2.) I could see the edge of a book peeking out. 3.) I was terrified that those books could be damaged.
But you know, when I saw that handwriting it was one of two options: either I had sent something to myself and written on the package or Derek had sent me something. (I blocked out my address with the sonic screwdriver. Sorry to those of you who are stalkers.)

The first thing I pulled out was a folded piece of paper. I opened it and I started laughing, because it was so amazing. I know the photo is sideways, but it says "Sadly, I will not be able to attend your party this year... In my absence, please use this self-portrait." And that's what it is. It's disappointing he won't be coming, yes, but I'm pretty sure THAT drawing makes up for it because it's so awesome.

 And it fits in perfectly on my "Wall of Stuff Master Derek Sends Me", next to my card and envelope and postcard and letter.
 Okay, at some point I figured I should PROBABLY take my brand-new SP books out. And they are amazing.

 Since Kingdom of the Wicked is newest, I thought I should look at that one first. But what was inside it? A SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT STICKER.

 Here's the signature in KOTW...
And The End of the World, with another drawing of Derek.

As well as Death Bringer. 

And just to clarify what that really says...

I have been officially classed as a lunatic by my favourite author.

Check that off the list.


    I'm very proud of your epicness.

    1. And when I saw the portrait of Derek, I turned over my iPad to get a better look, and I did it again when the screen turned.. And again... And again, until I realized it was uselessly stupid of me...

  2. 1) The picture is... ... I don't even think I can describe the complete randomness that thing contains...

    2) AWESOME.
    I'm so jealous of you...

  3. THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!


    YOUR SOOOOO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Somehow I actually guessed that that was a sonic before I read that bit. Makes me wonder if it does paper, considering paper is just mushed up wood, I doubt it.

    I'm so happy for you Val. That picture is awesome and I like your Coraline poster.
    Peace out!

  5. You get so much stuff...won't you fill your bloodstream with Skulduggery goodies so I can have them all??

  6. Wow. That is just...EPICO!!!!!! That drawing is amazing, and since WHEN are there SKULDUGGERY stickers?!?!?!?