Thursday, September 20, 2012

1 Year Blogversary

My one year Blogversary was on Monday, September 17, at 4:42 PM Irish time.

Even though that was a few days ago, I'm going to post now, because I didn't have time to before.

In this past year, things have gone well and things have gone bad. I'll start with bad first, because I'm more of a pessimist anyway.

Really, the only bad thing was school. School's terrible. I have a very strong disliking towards it. Actually, I hate it. I'm in middle school now, and I'll tell you this: it's the worst possible thing that can ever happen to a person. It's AWFUL. I've got practically no friends, I hate my school, and not a single person there even knew I went there last year. Yep, tons of fun.

And now for the good things.

I came on Derek's Blog and was able to post a comment for the first time, and I'd been trying for a few weeks. When I finally could come on, it was only for a few minutes, and I never would've thought that those few minutes could change my life.

I started coming on the Blog more often. Practically every day, to be honest. I even got my own laptop a few days after I joined the Blog. It did nothing to stop myself from consistently coming on. I loved it. I really did. It was perfect.
I'm going to say this now: Blogland is wonderful.

On Derek's Blog, everyone is nice. That's just how it is. It's a nice, friendly, fun place to be. To be honest, I had never had an internet account for anything before, but I had been warned countless times about how cruel the internet can be. I had been taught it was a place where everyone was mean and you couldn't trust anyone. Blogland kicked that theory through a wall.

Even when I was still new, everyone welcomed me as if I'd been there forever. It was so nice. I mean, I even got into Blog battle things, and that was FUN. I'm going to say things to some of you guys individually now...

Flame. You were the very first person I ever got into a Blog battle thing with, and I have to say it was super fun. Our introductions to each other were brilliant, and were nothing like a normal introduction. First impressions isn't usually the time for trying to kill each other, but whatever. In Blogland, it seems like that's completely normal. I remember a while back whenever we posted at the same time we kept track. That was funny. We got to, I don't know, 23 or something before we stopped. I also remember being friends, hating each other, then being friends again. I'm really glad we're friends now, because you're super awesome.

Eve, time for me to say stuff to you. Yes, YOU! Despite how much you sample my blood and scare me by mentioning a certain vampire stalker, I think you're awesome. You're random and weird, and one of the funniest people ever. The live chicken thing makes me laugh, along with the Banana Lord thing. And you know, Derek really does need to put in a scene with Ivy kicking a rock. It would be brilliant, and only a few people would actually get the reference, which makes it even funnier for us. I'm glad you're my friend and don't you ever stop coming on Derek's Blog, because I need you to be super random with me.

Nix, you're one of the STRANGEst people I've met (Ha! See? STRANGE! Yes, I know, I sound like an idiot.). I think it's awesome when you turn into Lord Vile and I'm Darquesse and then everyone else turns evil and it's pretty much war on the Blog. It's funny. You're an excellent writer and a great friend. You always seem to be in a good mood and are always ready to have a laugh. I think you're epic and hilarious. Be sure to stay awesome.

ADRA! *tackles* You, my friend, are awesome. You're a fellow Ameriminion and you share an obsessive love for Skulduggery too, which therefore makes you awesome. One of the funniest things I think we've ever done is when we called each other and started discussing how to make Derek our best friend. Get the TARDIS, crash in his yard, get Matt Smith as the Doctor and David Tennant as Skulduggery, learn an Irish accent and pretend we're Skulduggery characters who are coming to Derek. I honestly think that is a BRILLIANT idea. If only we could get in contact with all those people... Your Skulcakes are epic, by the way. Super awesome. It's really fun to text you, too. I enjoy being able to communicate with my fellow fans without having to use a computer.

Mist, did you know that you're awesome? Because you are. You're super funny and really cool. I think you're an AWESOME writer. Really. I think you're going to be a best selling author some day. You're really good at describing details, and get characters right. Unlike me. I always end up forgetting to add detail and I end up getting everyone wrong. It was fun the other day when you turned all evil and we were having our war thingy. Keep on writing, read some Skulduggery, and continue being awesome.

Lynxia, you are amazing. I check your Blog practically everyday if there's a new post, did you know that? I love reading your stories. They're BRILLIANT. I think one of my favourite stories of all time way 'One for You, Two for Me'. You should've seen when I read the chapter where Vengance tells them all how she ruined their lives. I was at my friend's house and I started spazzing out, and my friends were looking at me kind of weird... You are an amazing writer and I really think you're going to be an author too. You always seem to know how to make me smile and are almost always in a good mood. Blogland would be incomplete without you.

Derek Landy, you're getting yourself added to this list. You, sir, are amazing. Not just because I think you're the coolest person in the world, either. Quite honestly, none of this would've happened if it weren't for YOU. It's thanks to your Blog that I met anyone on there, and it's thanks to your books that I'm the person I am now (I was a nightmare before. All pink, dresses everyday, the girliest person ever... *shudders* Ew.). If you hadn't written your wonderful, wonderful books, I would probably be a snobby buttface. But no, you wrote them, and I read them, and now I'm awesome and stuff, so THANK YOU. It's also thanks to you I have the very few friends I have, for which I am thankful. Seriously. I met one of my best friends because I shouted "DEATH BRINGER!" and, even though she had no idea what it was, she thought it was funny. Anyway, Derek, you rock. Thanks for being so freaking epic.

Sparky. You. You are one of the best people I have ever met/talked/ blog-spoken to/whatever. If I hadn't met you, I don't know where I'd be now. You are the best kind of friend anyone could ever hope for, and I am so lucky that you chose to be friends with me. You're like an older sister to me, an older sister I couldn't live without. You've made me smile and grin and laugh till I cry more times than I could ever even try to count, and I know it's just going to continue and get better. I love your writing, your stories, and all the little jokes you make. Whenever I'm excited, you go and be excited along with me. Whenever I'm upset and crying and feeling absolutely hopeless, you're always there to cheer me up, give me advice, and help me get through the situation. You seem to see the best of a situation and point out all the best possible outcomes. It's not just me that you help, either. You're great to everyone, and I doubt there's a single person on this entire planet who wouldn't want to be your friend. And if there IS someone, they're an idiot and have no idea what their missing out on. I never would've been able to get through middle school without your advice, and I honestly have no idea what kind of person I'd be had I not met you. You've helped me see the positive side of things - which is a change for me, considering how much of a pessimist I am - and you'll back me up no matter who you have to deal with. I could go on forever, Sparky, but I won't because it won't do you any justice. You're nice and amazing and kind, and I really hope someday we get to meet each other. (Psh, who am I kidding? Of course we'll meet. It's inevitable.) Oh yeah, and one more little thing that only you'll understand... Pep talk.

There are so many more of you. There's Star, who's a fellow cello player, and Izz, who has an evil turnip, and Thrust, who's random, and Luciana, who's super kind and nice to everyone, and Kestrel and Em and Zafira and so many more of you.

I just want to thank you all for being so great this last year. You're all amazing and wonderful and nice, and you are some of the best people EVER.

And now, I'd like to take this moment to say thanks to Rim, who sends me hilarious clips of her and her friends, and even made me a card.


  1. Aw Val, you're making me tear up here...

    *hugs her*

    I love you, ya little nut job.

  2. This really made my day. You are epic, Val. You're, like...Epic Blog Person. I talk to my friend about this blog, and if I call you "Val" it'll just get confusing for her, so I say "this epic blog person". And you really are. You are, like, the most dedicated Minion I have ever seen. We all love Skulduggery just as much, of course, but I would never have the guts to make it this huge. It's hard to get someone to read a book, but I reckon I could make everyone a fan just by getting them to meet you. You're also super evil. If I wasn't so keen on sampling your blood, I'd be shaking in my boots. If I had any...

  3. Val, to say you're awesome would be a major understatement.
    Unfortunately, I never know what to say in response to these kinds of things, so...

    Happy Blogversary!


    Happy Blogversary Val... wow it's like another 8 months until mine and you're invited to the party.

    Oh were we meant to give presents?? Um.... *looks around and spots something*

    Here ya go!!!! *Shows Val Skulduggery tied in a bow*

    It's a little rushed but enjoy!


  5. Happy Blogversary Val!

    *hands her a stick with a bow on it*

  6. Blogland is home to some of the most awesome people in the universe. I love every bit of your personality, stories, and lizard-Derek hybrids. You are no short of amazing, and I could never tell you this better than anyone who posted above me. Nor do I think anyone could attract so many compliments just by being alive and awesome. Like you.
    Happy talk like a pirate day.

  7. Awesome Val.
    Happy Blogversary and may I second everything everyone else has said here. You really are top stuff.
    -Izz (and the turnip)


    I love you, you know that? You're amazing!