Thursday, June 14, 2012

Questions and answers from Derek!!!

So, I asked Derek 25 questions, most of which were entirely ridiculous and pointless. But Derek, being the absolutely epic person that he is, answered 12 of them!!! I will post the Q's and A's here.

My comment, short-style with only twelve of the list included:


My two younger sisters have questions for you:

-Jaida (and she would like me to add "aka Tanith Low", but I don't know if I should... Hmm...) would like to know:

What is your favourite soda and what's your favourite cheese? Especially the cheese one. Jaida loves cheese.

And from the amazing and fantastic ME, I have a list:

1. Have you ever been to Washington State, and if so, did you like it?
2. What is YOUR favourite book?
3. Have you ever read any books by Pseudonymous Bosch?
4. Would you ever consider eating your pets?
5. Is it a bad thing that a lot of my thoughts revolve around meeting either you, Matt Smith, or a Skulduggery character?
6. Are you or are you not a lizard?
7. Would you ever consider the possibility of making me your best friend ever? Keep that one in mind.
8. Do I scare you?
9. Have you gotten my letter yet?
10. Can you teach me martial arts? Please?
11. Have you read any of my stories, and are the any good?
12. Am I annoying yet?

And DEREK'S comment, which will be forever remembered by me...:

Valkyrie V. Cain- here are answers..!

Favourite soda is, I suppose, Coke, but I'm determined to change that. Second favourite is Diet Club Orange- which may be an Irish thing...

Favourite cheese is Cheddar. Deffo.

1- Never been to washington state!
2- My fave book is probably Mucho Mojo by Joe R Lansdale.
3- Nope!
4- Only when I'm VERY hungry, or they look especially juicy.
5- Perfectly natural!
6- I was once, but I changed. I changed.
7- Oh I shall mull this one...!
8- Not yet. But I have a feeling...
9- Not yet!
10- Errrr... no....
11- Haven't had time to read all of them, but enough to know you have talent.
12- There are a LOT of questions...! I think I should stop now! I just want to say hi to Amanda, otherwise known as China Pleasant...!

Derek called Amanda China Pleasant. That's just... Brilliant.

So, Derek, thank you SO MUCH for replying to my comment! And the answers to 7 and 11 are really awesome for me, and hearing that I have talent in my stories from YOU is a HUGE deal for me. Thank you for being so awesome!!!

(Note: I might also add that now my favourite soda is Coke... I made sure that I specifically asked for it today.)


  1. *grumbles*
    He didn't answer my questions...

  2. Psssst. Val.... PSSSSSSSSSST.

    Y'know how great friends we are?

    Yeah, of course you do.

    Will you give Derek a link to my blog? Cos he seems to ignore all my attempts to talk?

    Please. And if he does read them, I'm going to make all your wishes come through. How does that sound?



    I'll keep pestering you.


    and recommend them?