Saturday, May 26, 2012

Random Pictures from an insane person!

I haven't posted any of my pictures - meaning things that aren't from the internet - for a while, so I decided to again. Besides, I had things I needed to post anyway, so... Yeah, here's some stuff.

My Sonic Screwdriver!!! Thank you Amanda for the awesome birthday present!
This is a painting of a tree that I did a while ago. And I think Lynxia gave me the idea for it in the first place, so if you did, thank you!
This is another painting I did, that same night. Those are REAL crayons on the top. I used a hairdryer to melt them down the picture. Cool, huh? Apparently it is, because I got it into the Edmonds Art Festival this year. I had to name it, though, and the only thing I could think of was "Rainbow Blood". So that's what it's called, I suppose.
This nearly gave me a heart attack, because, I think you'll agree, that is a creepy thing to see staring at you when you turn around. And I took this picture from on my bed, which means that if I forget to turn the poster around to the Skulduggery side (did I mention that Derek sent it to me? :) ) THAT will be the first thing I see when I wake up.
THIS is my awesome calligraphy. I think a lot of people will recognise some of the things I wrote, because they're all names from Master Derek's Blog... The names there are (ignore the fact that there is both Val and Ivy): Valkyrie, Ivy, Sparky, Rim, Izz, Flame, Rosella (sorry, for some reason I spelled your name wrong!), Eve, Kallista, Lynxia, Robin, Star, Jakro, Lavender, Zathract (I would've done 'Mist', because that's what I call you, but I can't do 'M'), Vlaedr, Nixion, Luciana, and most importantly, Derek Landy.

This is a drawing I did in English instead of doing, well, English stuff. That's me, on the top of the cliff. You know, the awesome one who threw a sword into the monster. The other people are my friends Zoe, Emily, and Miranda. Zoe has purple in her hair (I doubt you can see it), Emily is the one lower down, and Miranda has red hair. Amandais INSIDE the monster, saying, "Let me out!". As for what the others are saying, they're saying how amazing and brilliant I am.

 It's hard to see, but basically this is a painting of a girl, standing in a field, surrounded by trees, at night. You might have noticed  the girl looks a little like Lynxia's profile picture... Uh... Yeah, I looked at it and thought 'Well, I could paint
 something like that, I think', so I tried it. Now I've painted TWO pictures because of you. Well done and thank you.

I think that's it for now... So... uh... I'm done with this post. *runs away on scary purple Necromancer unicorn who likes to stab people*