Sunday, January 29, 2012

Signed Skulduggery Books from Derek are here!!!

This one's my favourite...

Sorry I can't seem to place the pictures in a particular order... It's hard. And ist looks weird right now. I know. Anyway, these are the AWESOME books I got from Derek! And on the top, you can see I got a Skulduggery watch, which is just amazing, and that came with the books in a big package that said "Ivy Animosity" written across the front of  it... And speaking of Ivy, you may have noticed they all say "To Ivy" in them, and that's because, if you didn't know, my story character is Ivy Animosity. And when I won the competition, that was during the couple of days my username was Ivy. So they all say Ivy. WHICH IS AWESOME! And I now have 18 Skulduggery books. And the signed Death Bringer is on its way, so I'll have 19. I'm seriously obsessed.