Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Yeah, Zathract, I'm talking to YOU.

Merry early Christmas.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I don't understand this. Not one little bit.

I know you all have seen my amazing skills with art. Well, if you count stick figures as art. They are hilarious, and very poorly drawn. For example...

And then there were those very few times when I drew something somewhat decent,

And just plain epic.

But NOW, for the first time EVER, I have drawn something, well, GOOD. And I am still genuinely shocked.

(I even drew this by accident when I was messing around)


A decent self-portrait!

I know the photo isn't all that great, and the picture itself might not be either, but still...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Skulduggery Shirt, etc.

I made a Skulduggery shirt. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME.

It isn't the first one I've made, obviously, but the first in a while. I out grew all of my old ones, so... Well, I figured it was time for a new one. And if I was going to make a new one, it was going to be COOL.

So, here it is!

Well, first off, I made a crazy face because I am not good at taking pictures.

 And here's the shirt by itself (well, if you don't count my arms).

Now, one to label all the characters....

So, pretty awesome, right? :)

I might add something to the back, but I haven't yet, so... uh...

Oh look! NINJAbread cookies!

 (Look, it's Goku!)

So, that's about it. Oh, wait, one more thing. Yesterday I was a tad more insane than usual. And then my mum said, "What if you looked like THIS when you met Derek?"

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Odd Things That Happen in Mario Cart

My sister was playing Mario Cart on the Wii a little while ago, and when she was a few weird yet hilarious things showed up on the course.

I got a couple of pictures.


I just thought I should point out that the game apparently likes using the SP Miis as the background.

(Also, China was working in one of the little stands. Just to point that out.)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Something epic

Well, today everyone EXCEPT for me got to hang out with one of their friends. I tried to hang out with mine, but they either were busy or just couldn't come over. So, I was stalking the internet, and I found this thingy on how to draw.

I thought it was a bit boring looking, but I clicked on it anyway. Turns out it was pretty useful. And after having glanced at it, I got bored and drew possibly the coolest thing I've ever drawn.

So basically, to explain what's going on...

It's me and Amanda (I'm sure you can guess which is which), who just took a ride in the TARDIS, which is owned by Skulduggery, and he took us to Ireland, Gallifrey. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

...And then Valkyrie V. was wearing a dress

So, today I went to my first actual Halloween party. It was fun. There was a costume contest, and people, and food, and a skeleton...
Oh, and there was me, wearing a dress. 

BUT there was a reason behind the dress. I was Valkyrie, at the Requiem Ball. Because, see, I would be normal Valkyrie, but where's the fun in that? I wear all black and a long coat and boots everyday. That wouldn't have been fun. So, I wore a dress.
At the party, there was me, a rainbow fox, an anime character, a mime, Alice in Wonderland, Luigi *cough Caelan cough*, China Pleasant (mwahaha),  and a few other things.
My sisters weren't there, but they got in the picture.
And here's me by myself, and I ask that you ignore the weird face I made.
 You know, come to think of it, we didn't really do much at the party except hang around. Oh, and we had a costume contest. I won third place. But anyway, here's some stuff from the party itself.

Skulduggery was there, so I figured I needed to take a picture with him.
Oh, and his arm kept falling off, so I took it.

China dancing with Skulduggery like in Death Bringer.
*cough CHINA PLEASANT cough*

Oh, and someone gave Skul too much to drink. He just keeps getting drunk.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skulduggery's Deathday/Derek's Birthday Party 2012

Today I had my party to celebrate Derek's birthday and Skulduggery's deathday! I'm sure you all remember the pictures from last year - Derek DID post one of them on his Blog - but this year, the party was a full-on party, with 10 Skulduggery characters in total. The cake wasn't as impressive, that's for sure, but we worked with what we have. While it was quite crazy, it was nonetheless fun and certainly enjoyable. Now, time for pictures!
From left to right, we have Solomon Wreath, Nefarian Serpine, Argeddion, China Sorrows, Valkyrie Cain, Tanith Low, Billy-Ray Sanguine, Melancholia St Clair, Kitana, and Caelan. Or, in other words, we have Ariana, Isabella M-N, Kienan, Amanda, ME!, Jaida, Bella, Zoe, Lizzy, and Signy (but as Derek says, Polar Bear Girl).
Most of the group, being weird.
Here's Tanith and Sanguine, proving how they make a lovely couple.

Melancholia, showing off her epic symbols I drew.

Melancholia again, this time showing off the cape.

This time, I think Sanguine must've insulted Ghastly or something...

Solomon Wreath, being all Solomon

It's Kitana, kicking Valkyrie to death after
stealing her jacket. How kind.

Kitana looking amazingly like the real Kitana.

Serpine refuses to be photographed!
Those who look upon the photo will suffer!

Argeddion just want to spread peace to the world!

You're looking great, Caelan. For sure.
Caelan, is really, REALLY creepy.
I do not appreciate the affection.

Those of you with KOTW, I think you'll recognise
this particular scene with China.

China, doing the Derek photo pose.

Tanith doesn't know what to do
to suck out brains. See the confusion?

Derek, we brought you to the party! 

Is it just me, or would this make a great
profile picture?

Lizards like to read too, guys!

I love my books so much I make creepy poses
with them.

And here's Valkyrie, Argeddion, and Derek, taking
a picture to show that they're all friends.

Oh, and we figured we had to make the Derek pose for Derek  :)

So, those are the pictures from the party this year! I know, it didn't look quite as exciting, but once I can figure out how to get the videos from it to upload I'll post those too.

But in the meantime, Derek:

Happy birthday to you!
The Faceless Ones have come through!
But we won't let them take you,
So happy birthday to 

EDIT: The videos from the party will be posted on Youtube, so just type in VidsForMasterDerek in the search bar to find the channel!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A new lizard and other stuff

I made another lizard, if you hadn't heard. Because it wasn't fair for the Derek-lizard, you know? He didn't have any lizard friends. So I fixed the problem with...

...The Valkyrie-lizard! They are best friends, and they both like Skulduggery and Doctor Who!

Also, a little spoiler from the party coming up on Friday... It's the MASSIVE birthday card I made. It's very cool.

Oh, and Luciana... It's a drunk Skulduggery.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Orchestra was on TV

We were! For real! It was awesome!

Basically, last Thursday my teacher told us that we had a surprise concert on Tuesday. That gave us four days to practice a brand new song she handed us.

That's not a good idea.

We were going to play a Coldplay song, "Viva La Vida", but due to the fact that 3 school days to practice (we didn't get to practice on Tuesday, we were just getting ready for the concert thing) we couldn't play it. We still played two songs, but everyone was disappointed we couldn't play that one.

However, since when we walked in the commons to get ready there was a freaking news crew with giant cameras and stuff, we all just kind of got excited that we were going to be on TV. And after a few seconds the excitement kind of switched to terror, because we all thought we would be insanely out of tune...

Anyway, here's a few clips featuring my school!



And the second one has an interview of my friend in it, who explained to us afterward that she was very terrified when they made her answer the questions in front of the giant camera.

(Also, if you're wondering, I'm the cello player who's sitting near the violins. You know, the pale one with dark hair and a long black coat.)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pictures, lovely pictures

See the title? That's what this post is.

Although, not all the pictures are lovely... Take a look at my sister's creepy hybrid Skulduggery drawing.

My crazy 10-year-old sister, "Tanith", decided that she was going to draw Skulduggery. And the Torment. And Scapegrace. And pretty much every other character. And that is the result of it.

And who's this in the corner? Well then, it's Zathract Mist. Because when my sister was drawing this I - and my sister - was on gmail chat thing with Mist. And so he got stuck in that picture.
(Really, I wasn't lying when I said she was crazy. It must run in the family.)

And now to the REALLY awesome stuff.
You all know how I won that thing last year, right? Where Derek sent me signed books? Well, the last three came today.
When the package was on my doorstep, it looked something like this.
 Being me, I started freaking out for three reasons. 1.) I had been expecting a package from Derek and there was one on the door step. 2.) I could see the edge of a book peeking out. 3.) I was terrified that those books could be damaged.
But you know, when I saw that handwriting it was one of two options: either I had sent something to myself and written on the package or Derek had sent me something. (I blocked out my address with the sonic screwdriver. Sorry to those of you who are stalkers.)

The first thing I pulled out was a folded piece of paper. I opened it and I started laughing, because it was so amazing. I know the photo is sideways, but it says "Sadly, I will not be able to attend your party this year... In my absence, please use this self-portrait." And that's what it is. It's disappointing he won't be coming, yes, but I'm pretty sure THAT drawing makes up for it because it's so awesome.

 And it fits in perfectly on my "Wall of Stuff Master Derek Sends Me", next to my card and envelope and postcard and letter.
 Okay, at some point I figured I should PROBABLY take my brand-new SP books out. And they are amazing.

 Since Kingdom of the Wicked is newest, I thought I should look at that one first. But what was inside it? A SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT STICKER.

 Here's the signature in KOTW...
And The End of the World, with another drawing of Derek.

As well as Death Bringer. 

And just to clarify what that really says...

I have been officially classed as a lunatic by my favourite author.

Check that off the list.