Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Mix of Randomness...

Photos. Lovely, lovely photos. Well, not lovely, exactly, because they're coming from someone who has lost their mind... (speaking of which, has anyone seen a brain, sort of a pinkish colour, shaped like an evil unicorn? It's mine.)

But, either way, here's a random collection of photos I thought you may want to see.
Zombies are so amazing, especially when I'm one with a slashed throat (By the way, I am at least a few inches taller than Amanda; she was just closer to the camera)...

Here are many photos of my nails (yes, I have my Valkyrie-style black ring on my right hand). I have on them, in order from left-to-right, Skulduggery's head from Dark Days, a Remnant from Mortal Coil, the Scepter of the Ancients from the first book, the Faceless Ones and the portal from the Faceless Ones, Melancholia and a bunch of shadows from Death Bringer, and, last but not least, some green fire for Playing with Fire. AND NONE OF THE PICTURES ON MY NAILS WERE STICKERS. I PAINTED THEM ALL BY HAND.

And in conclusion to this post, these are two pictures of my sweet little cat who doesn't bite you even when you throw her across the room, Clara.


  1. Oh, and bear in mind, that photo was taken just as I was leaving Amanda's house, so we weren't together like that for very long that day. It didn't stop us from walking around in public like that, though. Or the day before.

  2. I know. I did both my right and left hand.

  3. Oh ur cat is lovely! And god i am really really crap at doing nails! U r really good Val!

  4. Ew. My skin has way too much colour to it.