Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merrry Christmas!!!

It's Christmas! Yay! And I just attacked the first wave of gifts. And, and, and... I can't describe how cool one of my gifts were, so I'll just show you.

Okay, it wasn't the best photo, but do you know what it is? Do you? Because I do.


Yay! And it's huge. That covers the giant black carpet in my bedroom. And it's mine! Yessssss...

I also got things like movies (I got one of the movies Derek Landy made, "Boy Eats Girl" and I can't wait to watch it), and another Valkyrie coat, and a bunch of candy, etc., but this one kind of beats all of them, wouldn't you agree? IT'S AWESOME!!!


  1. Dammit! My blanket doesn't have a skeleton on it! Do you know what it has? It has flowers. *stuffs live chicken under flower balnket*

  2. So, can we have a review of "Boy Eats Girl?"

  3. Where did you even… How did… Where can I…? Awww.

    Boy Eats Girl is EPIC!

  4. A review of Boy Eats Girl, huh?

    There were zombies, on account of it being classed as a zombie movie. There were also Irish people, which are awesome. And then there was murdering, mostly from the zombies. But there was also, you know, inappropriate stuff...

  5. Hmm. Well, it doesn't sound like my typical type of movie, but since it's from Derek, I can't help but want to see it.

  6. Hello, where did you get that tremendous blanket from??

  7. Hello to you as well. I got the blanket from a little box under a Christmas tree that fell over and liked to stab everyone's hands. My mom got it from... Um... Oh, she ordered it from Costco (a store) online but it was custom made so it isn't possible to get another...