Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Halloween!!!

I know this is late, but.... Well, it's amazing, just like everything else I do, and I thought I should show it to you peoples who stalk the blog and who are just looking at this because I commanded you to. So, for Halloween, my dad decided to surprise me. I was Valkyrie, obviously. I was Valkyrie in Playing with Fire, when she's still wearing her family reunion dress and has blood on her face and Tanith's sword from fighting the Grotesquery. But anyway, here's a picture of me and my dad...

...or should I say here's a picture of Skulduggery and Valkyrie.

Like I said, he surprised me, because as far as I knew, he was being a zombie. But no. He decided to be more awesome and be Skulduggery for me. And it was amazing.

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  1. I wonder what the odds of getting my dad to do that are...?