Sunday, October 2, 2011

Use Your Comment to Vote!!!

In Chapter 34, "Valkyrie And Fletcher", anyone who's read Death Bringer knows that Valkyrie and Fletcher have an arguement and break up. But now I'm trying to get an answer to this: Who was the mean person in the arguement?

Tell me your answer in a comment! I want to know who you thought was mean!


  1. VAlKYRIE!!!!

    She was two-timing with caelan and then she said those hurtful things that he was the one in the wrong AND then broke up with him and hurt his feelings even more!

    Tut tut val!


    for the Reason Flame said!!
    Plus she makes it out to be Fletcher's Fault!!

  3. I thougt i commmented already.......
    Anyway what i said was that i thought both of them were being pretty mean to each other in the fight part in vals bedroom but Valkyrie was cheating on fletcher and thats really unfair on him so I think val was the mean one in the relationship but fletcher was the mean one in the arguement.

  4. I personally see it as Val's fault, although as of yet I've only read it twice so I'll have to go over it again when I get the book back from the fourth person borrowing it at the current time. For some reason no one wants to buy their own, I suppose that has something to do with us living in America, I hate America.

  5. WHY does everyone think it's VAL's fault?

  6. Neither. It was nobodies fault.

    Sure, Val cheated on Fletch because he was being too ‘Boyfriendy’, but she still didn’t break up with him because she loved him and she cared for him. She just didn’t know how to handle it.

    And Sure, Fletchie got angry, but wouldn’t you? Your partner cheats on you and although you try to understand, you’d still feel angry, no doubt.

    It’s nobodies’ fault, it just happened the way that it did. Stop playing the blame game! :)

  7. XD Did you seriously just say "Fletchie"?


    You did!

    And the balme game's so much fun... I'm so good at it... One of the reasons I'm practically always right is because I can out-smart others...