Wednesday, October 12, 2011


SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT HAS NEW BOOK COVERS IN AMERICA!!! And guess what? During the month of October you can download it for FREE -yes, free, meaning no charge whatsoever - with this super awesome cover at

And if you're kind enough to help me spread the word of Skulduggery around...

Anyone who has a faceboook, twitter, tumblr, YouTube, MSN, MySpace, or any other sort of account that can be seen often, post a link to and write "FROM VALKYRIE V." and change this cover to your profile picture (you can change it back after the post or whatever you do as long as you give me te link to where the post thing is so it has the pic)  then post the link to where ever you posted it in a comment HERE. Don't worry, it'll only be until October 31st, then you can change it back to whatever you had. BUT YOU HAVE TO HELP ME WIN THIS CONTEST!!!

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