Saturday, October 22, 2011

Derek Landy's Birthday/Skulduggery Pleasant's Death Day Party!

Here are pictures from the party and of some of my odd
Skulduggery belongings! The girl who looks like Valkyrie
 is ME!!! Amanda/China is the girl with red hair,
 Lizzy/Melissa is the girl with blonde hair, and the
 girl with the polar bear hat is Signy,  Carissa/Melancholia
is wearing the hood, and Jaida/Madame Mist (we couldn't
find a black veil) is the youngest girl wearing black.
My mum decorated the cake, and all the books are MINE.
However, it appears that a few Remnants managed to
arrive, and China and I got possessed for a while... But over
all, it was tons of fun, so Happy Birthday Derek Landy!



  1. WOW!
    It looks like you had it really fun!

  2. looks fun. You know could u follow my blog seeing as I follow urs????? only fair.

  3. Note: We don't usually look like a ton of goths. Except I'm always wearing all black.

  4. And for all you Fletcher-lovers... I did murder him. There's a photo of his head >:D

  5. I am shockt
    And I don’t even like him much!

  6. Did you not see the photo of JUST his head?!

  7. Wow, it's so fun looking back at all this... And Derek, the fact that you posted that picture in October was, like, the best thing EVER.

    And looking at these pictures I have noticed something.... My hair is way shorter back then! It's so weird looking back at that!

  8. Haha, it's funny to look back at me looking back at this a few months ago.

    I'm so awesome in this post.

  9. And now I'm looking back at me looking back at me looking back at me.

    Thank you, First Skulduggery Party Me, for having the party. I appreciate it, no matter how stupid I was as a 7th grader.